Word Of The Year: Beginnings

Word Of The Year: Beginnings

I have seen a lot of lifestyle bloggers come up with a “word of the month/year” for a while now.  I was finding myself strangely interested in these posts, and obsessively reading them.  However, I could not for the life of me find a word for MY year.  But then, in came April, and in came my word.  I found myself looking at an old iPhone wallpaper I had made for my old blog, and the quote in the wallpaper, is simple, elegant, and beautiful.  It is from Jessi Kirby’s, Golden, and I couldn’t stop staring at it.  And then it came to me…

beginnings are magical

That was it, there was my word.  It all the sudden, made perfect sense.  And so now, for the remainder of 2015, I will remind myself that beginnings are magical.  And, guys, they so are.  I’m going to be talking about what beginnings I am experiencing in 2015, and why they are so unbelievably important and precious to me! Oh and in case it wasn’t clear…

Word Of The Year: Beginnings

1. New Chapter of Life

Jon and I have been together for almost four years, and lived together for a little over one.  I do not know what 2015 will bring for us, but I know in my heart that it will be somewhere absolutely wonderful.  With him, it would never be anything but.

2. New Blogging Adventure

 I started The Casserole on February First, and I have been absolutely in love with it since.  I truly feel that this was the BEST New Beginning I could have asked for as I entered into my thirtieth year!  I hit a wall with my old blog, but this one has found a way to bring me back to life.  I feel so lucky to finally have a creative outlet that I am absolutely enamored with.  May 2015 continue that feeling!

3. New Financial Security

 Okay, this one is something I am going to WORK ON in 2015.  I am going to begin to try to live a more stable and financially secure life.  Whether that be by doing things like #NOSPENDAPRIL, or inevitably making more money, I am on the right track, and it is a HUGE goal of mine to feel better about my finances by the end of this year.

4. Finding Forever Friends

Okay, I am someone who does my absolute best to hang onto my friendships.  I don’t like to let go, but in the past 4 or 5 years I have learned that some friendships are not meant to last forever.  Every now and then you are fortunate enough to find  a forever friend, and when you do, you should hold on tight, and treasure that friendship.  I have become better at holding onto my forevers and letting go of the temporaries.  Life is too short.  Nurture the friendships that you have and that you know are worth the effort.  Friendship to me is life’s most important gift and I have been so blessed in having some absolutely amazing forever friends come into my life.  I intend on appreciating these friends in 2015.

5. Feeding My Passions

 I have had numerous interests for as long as I can remember, but I have not had passions like I do now.  My passions now are cooking and photography.  Both greet me with a sense of joy and pride unlike anything else, and I love that feeling! I would love if I could feed these passions, and make the most of them this year!  So, I am going to begin to do so!  For 2015 I would like to take a cooking class, and I would like to explore more of my photography skills.  Because really, what is life without doing the things you love?

6. The Fitness Journey

 UM, STRUGGLE!  Last summer I was SUPER good about fitness and healthy eating!  I would kill to have it be that easy year round, but point blank, it is not!  In the Winter [especially in Jersey!] it is SO easy to be lazy when the cold front hits!  However, Jon and I have VOWED to go back to the gym next week, and I have absolutely stocked up on all the fruits and veggies!  So, we are for sure on the right track, now all we have to do is you know.. stay on it!  [PS– tips and tricks appreciated!]

7. An Organized Life

  I admit I have been organized on and off for many, many years.  When it is important [like when I am in school] I am an absolute genius with organization.    But when it is life related, or blogging related, well… I kinda have fallen flat.  But! 2015 has already changed the way I plan for life, and for blogging, and also for meals.  Enter a few key tools, and I am pretty sure 2015 and onward, are looking pretty organized! 

And that wraps up my year of magical beginnings! I intend on doing a check in towards the end of the year to let you know how all this has panned out for me!  Tell me though, do you have a word for 2015? What is it?


  1. Rebecca @ The Library Canary

    Love your word of the year, Cassie! What a great kind of mantra to live by. I definitely agree about feeding your passions. It’s so important to actively participate in the things you’re passionate about which is why I’m focusing on reading/writing this year. These are two things that I love more than anything and I want to make sure that I put a big focus on them this year. Especially my writing.

    Finding forever friends is a big one for me too. I’m actually struggling with a friendship right now that I’ve had since I was like 4. We just don’t click like we used to and I’m wondering if it’s time to say goodbye. But it’s hard and it hurts. But I think it might be for the best you know?

    Fitness journey. I’ve been very much on this since January. I’ve been doing really well this year with consistently working out 3-4 days a week and eating a LOT healthier than I have in the past. It’s really hard, but I find that having people to do it with is very important. I have a friend I go running with regularly and Phil (my husband) has been working out at home so on crappy days, he motivates me to pop in a dvd and just do it. I’ve also been eating healthy foods during the week (allowing myself to cheat a little on the weekends) and I’ve cut my eating out down by a TON which has helped both my fitness/health AND my wallet. Just remember that you can do it and you’re not alone; we’re all on this tough fitness journey together. 🙂
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