Word of the Year: Adventure

Word of the Year: Adventure

So, last year I told you all that my word of the year was beginnings.  I can not even tell you how perfect it wound up being!  This year, I had some trouble deciding, but I think I chose correctly. For 2016, it is going to be all about adventure.  Let’s get to why!


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As many of you know, in May 2016, Jon and I are getting married!  From everything I know on the topic, marriage is nothing short of an adventure!  Though we’ve been together four and a half years, and lived together for almost two, marriage is totally different ballgame!  We have many ideas on how we want our marriage to be, but nothing goes as planned, and so it will be nothing short of an adventure!  And it is in fact, the adventure I am most excited to start!  #cantwait #cornball.  


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For over a year I’ve ventured into the fitness world.  Whether it be with healthier eating or working out.  I want to stick with it this year, for GOOD.  I have begun to truly enjoy this aspect of my life, and I hope to continue to do so!  Especially for someone of my age and health, it is more important than ever to be active!  Tone It Up has helped me so much with this journey, and so far I’ve made several of their recipes and LOVED them all!  I think that’s a great sign of things to come for the year food wise! So yet again, another adventure to continue for this year!

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Almost a year ago, I grew a set, closed up shop at Books With Cass, and created this space that has given me SO much freedom and joy!  I truly adore blogging at The Casserole, and I hope to continue to expand this space to include more of the things I am passionate about [photography, outdoor adventures, runs, planning] and so I hope that 2016 is the year that I can do that!  I also want to create some new features and really develop them and stick with them! Starting in Feburary I’ll be hosting my THIRD annual Foodie Feburary, and I plan to change it up a bit and really get creative with it!  Super excited about that adventure!

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Though I have lived with Jon for a while now, and sure, I bought some stuff to make this apartments ours, I never really finished what I started.  Lucky for me, Jon and I have similar taste, so it is not that hard to merge our styles! But for 2016, I want to truly decorate this place in a way that feels like home! It is DEFINITELY time!  New Years Day we actually painted the living room, re-decorated the bathroom, and printed some photos! So that is a start! I also recently purchased an end table that totally fits with our decor, and may get another! The bedroom is the room that needs the most work, and it is up next! Hopefully it turns out as well as I envision!  Regardless, just like everything else new to me, it is FOR SURE an adventure!  I have never really had anything to FULLY decorate before, so it shall be fun!

That is what is in store for me for 2016! What are YOU up to this year? Any goals in mind? What’s YOUR word of the year?


  1. Leah

    WEDDING!!! I’m beyond excited for you and I’m sure marriage will be the absolute best adventure!

    ♥ Foodie February! ♥

    I hear ya about decorating. We were a little spoiled when we were renting since we basically took over Matt’s grandmother’s house when she moved out, so it was already fully furnished which was awesome…but it never truly felt like our place. Now that we have our own house I’ve been looking through design/decorating/DIY books since we finally have that option and have been getting tons of ideas! (First thing’s first though – I want to completely overhaul the furniture!)
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  2. Alexa S.

    I love that your word of the year is ADVENTURE! That’s an excellent word, and it means there will be so much to look forward to in your own life and for us readers of your blog <3 I didn't think I'd be able to choose a word for my year, but I have! It's GROWTH. There are so many things and so many ways I'd like to grow, and I can't wait to embrace it all!
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