TTT: If You Like Shows Like…

Its been a while since I did a TTT but this week I’m back!NEWTTT

Books You’ll Like
If You Like X TV Show

iyl got2
1. Any excuse to put Grave Mercy on a list if okay by me! But historical with elements of fantasy, and a bit of drama, so yes. You’ll love this if you like the intensity of GOT. [Review]

2. Throne of Glass was all about the ass kicking, so a bit far fetched perhaps, but the historical element and royalty brings me back. [Goodreads]

iyl law and order2
3. Just like Law and Order The Weight of Blood keeps you guessing and wondering why people are SO messed up. [Goodreads]
4. The ENTIRE Women’s Murder Club series is kind of exactly like an estrogen-ized version of SVU! Lindsay Boxer ROCKS. [Goodreads]ify revenge2
5. Gone Girl is ALL ABOUT twists and turns and the games that people play. Its pretty much a go to for fans of the always everchanging storyling [aka REVENGE in a nutshell!] [Review]
6. The Likeness is by a new fave, Tana French, and it features a woman going undercover to figure ou the truth behind a corrupt town/group. Therefore, another win for Revenge fans! [Goodreads]
 iyl nash2
7. Last but not least, Open Road Summer is a MUST for those who love Nashville for the MUSIC and INDUSTRY aspects. It beautifully incorporates both, including lyrics, and a little romance! [Goodreads]
8. Cherry Money Baby is a different type of fame story, but it is SO cute and still shows you the life of a startlette, and the little known things you don’t know until you are BEHIND the scenes! [Review]