Top TWELVE Audiobooks to Make Your Work Day Fly By

Top TWELVE Audiobooks to Make Your Work Day Fly By

Hey all! I feel its been WAY too long since I did a Top Ten Tuesday Post! I am super excited about this audio based post though, and I am bringing you the top TWELVE audiobooks to make your work day go by super fast!

Top TWELVE Audiobooks to Make Your Work Day Fly By

The Re-Reads:

After I Do, The Help, Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour, Happiness for Beginners

All of these books I have read/listened to MULTIPLE times, and they don’t lose their appeal, they keep me coming back for more, and their narrators are all absolutely superb! And this says a LOT, I’m not a big re-reader, guys!


Faithful Place, Where They Found Her, Maybe Someday, The Midwife’s Confession

I literally remember listening to all four of these in random places after my work day had finished! The grocery store, the gym, Target.. these books made me NEED answers, and my work day flew by while i was getting to the bottom of these stories!

The So Fun You Can’t Help Yourself:

Stay, Lost Lake, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me

Again, I’ve actually listened to one of these more than once [no shame in my game!] and they were so fun and transported you in a big way, and made you want to jump inside another life! And coincidently, all three have narrators that are personal faves!


  1. Louise

    I love audiobooks, I’m really keen to listen to The Help. The book looks really good but I’m waiting til I have time to listen because I’ve heard good things about the audio.

    My TTT

  2. Milka@ReadReadRead

    I have never listened to a full audio book because I just feel like I cannot fully concentrate on them, but I do own Mindy Kaling’s book on audio and I really want to give it a try at some point. I also have Amy Poehler’s book on audio as well and hope to listen to it at some point 🙂

  3. Allyson Gilmore

    I don’t really do audiobooks, it’s hard for me to really capture world building in my head if I hear it rather than read it. However, this week has made me super curious about how it would go for reading autobiographies. I’ll have to check out Mindy Kaling’s now 🙂

    My TTT.

  4. Rachana

    Ooh I’m always on the lookout for great audiobooks! Although, quite frankly, I prefer reading to listening so I usually just borrow a few audiobooks from the library. I think “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me” might be available though so I’ll probably check it out.
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