The Dish: On Being a Morning Person


this dish: on being a morning person

As some of you may know, for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been THAT person, the one up at 7am even on a Saturday and I am relatively unphased.  So I am going to talk to you today about WHY I love being up so early, and some things it means for the rest of my day!


Up at 7am on a Saturday… and then… what to do?

Make A Big Healthy, Filling Breakfast

This seems, obvious to some, and silly to others.  But for me, making a big, healthy breakfast on the weekend is fun, and important.  Jon and I LOVE going out for breakfast, mostly because there is an endless supply of new/trendy breakfast spots popping up in our area.  But doing that both weekend days is a-costly, and b-crazy.  I love to cook, I may as well put that to use, and make us a way healthier and cheaper option than we’d get by going out.

Up at 6, no work til 9?

GSD- Get Shit Done.

Since my schedule with my new job means I go in late two days a week, there a two days a week where I am home until 10:00am.  This is very strange for me, and I don’t like to sit around and waste that time.  So on my late days I do a few things early: exercise, meal plan, or handle my food shopping. Typically Friday morning I place my grocery order and schedule our meals out for the following week.  This way I go into the weekend stress free, and don’t have to worry about WHAT WE’RE HAVING.  It is DONE. [Of course, this is made easy by Plan to Eat and Instacart]. If I’m not handling meals/groceries, I go to a yoga class on my late days, or do an at home workout, or even hit the gym.  I’ve been GIVEN all this time, why waste it doing nothing productive? 

Enjoy the Time.

While you may feel like you see “5 habits to make you a morning person, and Early Morning Routines” posts alllll the time, I can assure you of one thing.  EVERYWHERE is less crowded early in the morning.  Target? Grocery Stores? Breakfast Spots? Parks? ALL nearly empty.  You can truly utilize this time to avoid crowds if going somewhere like the grocery store, or Target, and kinda use it as “me time”.  I loveeeee doing this.  And endlessly strolling through the aisles at 8:05am on a Sunday give me a little bit of peace.  

On the OTHER hand, going somewhere like a park, or for a hike is also AMAZING at this time! Take your family, and enjoy the beautiful nature around you, and the weather we are currently having, before it is TOO cold! Oh, and don’t forget to stop by Starbucks on your way, they’re pretty empty before 9am on the weekend, too 😉

All in All…

These things are pretty much why I adore being up early.  By the time I’m done with work, I feel like I’ve gotten everything I need to do completed, and can go home and just prep dinner [unless its already in the crock pot ;)] and RELAX.  And that is a pretty awesome feeling! The rest of my time can be used how I want, and not doing things on my endless to-do list.  As for the weekend mornings, once my stuff is handled early in the day, I can spend the rest of the day with my family not stressed, and pursuing B&N or going on a  random adventure! It’s pretty nice to have the important stuff done, and avoid the crowds in the process!


PS- My FAVORITE breakfast recipe this week? It’s Paleo, but don’t let that deter you, it is AMAZINGLY delicious! [I did sub flax eggs for two real eggs, though!] Try it here, it’s  from Paleo Running Mama



  1. Carla Patterson

    Great post! I recently became a morning person as well and I feel so much better! I didn’t do it because of my own agenda though, but due to work requirements yet I feel much better than when I was staying late at nights 🙂