The Dish: A Look at 2015 So Far- A Few Of My Favorite Things

thecasseroledishfeature2The Dish: A Look at 2015 So Far- A Few Of My Favorite Things

This year has been one of the most memorable of my life, so far.  So many amazing, yet petrifying things have happened!  I can’t imagine what is in store for August- December, but I can tell you that some major life changes have occurred, and I have in addition found some new favorite things ever!  I am going to share with you all about my favorite 2015 moments/things, right now!


Getting A Puppy

Oh my goodness.  GUYS.  Maggie is my first pet, ever!  Jon has had a dog his whole life, and sadly, lost his dog in late 2014.  So at that point, we kind of knew we would be looking into getting a dog ourselves.  And, so … on my thirtieth birthday, the search began!  Well, low and behold, we got Maggie!  Maggie is a beabull, which means she is a mix between a beagle and an English Bulldog!  Upon seeing her in person, you can really see this, but pictures she likely looks more beagle.  But getting Maggie wasn’t the point.  I had NEVER known how much I could love an animal until I had this little butterball!  She is a terror at times, she is still only 8 months old, but she is SO sweet, and so fun, too!  I absolutely ADORE having a dog, and I will NEVER not have one again.  I am so thrilled that this was thrust upon me and I got to experience the pure bliss of being a pet owner!  I’m in love with having her come on car rides with me, to the boardwalk, and basically anywhere I can take her!  She is a trooper, adapts VERY easily, and she is a little ball of love!  I didn’t know I would love her this much, but HEY, I DO.  SO, yes, being a dog owner is A FAVORITE of 2015.

Planning A Wedding

Holy crap!  As you saw with My Love Story, on 4/25/15, Jon and I got engaged!!! I am absolutely thrilled to spend the rest of my life with him, but hell, no one warns you the insanity behind planning a wedding!  Its only been a few months, and I have had a few minor issues [mostly with the list, guest #, venue selection] but I am feeling SUPER productive!  We have: a date, venue, florist, DJ, and caterer.  We have selected our bridal party and I have purchased my wedding dress!  In addition, we have chosen our honeymoon location but still have to actually plan that part!  While there are definitely LOTS of things to do, I am at the point where I can slow down a little, and enjoy the rest of the planning!  I am really, really excited to not only marry Jon, but to put the day of our dreams into motion!  We are having a barn style wedding, and I am super excited to put our own special stamp on the day!  

Plus, in case you are wondering why my Instagram has been FLOODED with brush script photos, I decided to teach it to myself!  But I did it for a reason.  I am going to attempt to do the place cards for the wedding, as well as a few of the DIY elements that require text put on!  Of course I didn’t NEED to do this, but it felt like something special I could do for the day, and I am really loving it, so that’s a plus!

Re-Igniting My Love of Kindle

Before 2015, I had read about 90% via audiobook since late 2013.  It happened because of my job, and it stayed that way because I love them super, super amounts.  However, the past few months I found myself reading more Kindle and physical books again, and I have to say, I felt like I was coming back to an old friend.  It was great to be able to highlight, dog-ear, and have fun while reading, and go at a nice pace!  Whether that meant slow to savor or fast to find out answers, I got to dictate that, and I really loved it!

 I am loving my Kindle [it IS summer!] because of its incredibly lightweight form factor, and I think that my ratio of audio/print is going to come down significantly in the next few months!  But hey, that is exciting news!

Finding Fit Happiness

Just to say real quick, that doesn’t mean I am where I want to be, but it means I understand what I have to do to get there.  I have been ENJOYING the gym, and found some really great, tasty healthy recipes!  Participating in the CSA program has helped with this significantly, I look forward to getting my fresh box of produce every Wednesday!  And as I have discussed before, having an accountability partner, helps a TON.  I have Estelle, who is doing FANTASTIC herself, and I am so grateful for her!  I look forward to the rest of this journey, and to a day where I can tell you I AM where I want to be and that I am a pro at cooking all healthy meals! [Find my Summer Slimdown posts]

Blogging Peace

After a 3 year journey, I have found my blogging stride, hit it, and run with it!  Granted, the past few months I haven’t posted as much as when it was cooler out, but I’m allowing myself the slack.  I finally am at a point where I ALWAYS have a running list of fun posts I want to create, and I am backlogged on only non-review books!  So, I am really enjoying that, and mostly, I am enjoying creating awesome content for you guys here at The Casserole!  It took a REALLY long time to find what I was best at when it came to blogging, but now that I have, I am really grateful that I switched over from Books With Cass, allowing myself more creative freedom!  ALSO, going hand in hand with this 2015 love, is my blogging organization which DEFINITELY helps me every week!  To see more on that, check out my 2015 Organization posts!

Can you tell me some of your 2015 Favorites? I can’t wait to hear!


  1. Ellice Y

    Owning a pup is one of the greatest things in the world, and I am SO HAPPY that you are experiencing it. Who knew your heart could hold so much love for a furball, right? I have loved watching Maggie become such a special part of your family!

    YAY, wedding planning! I think I need some text updates on some of these developments. Coughweddingdresscough. Hehe. I’ve been seeing your brush scripts on Instagram & you’re so good at it! I love that you’re adding some personal touches to y’all’s big day. 🙂

    I’M SO HAPPY that you’ve found what makes you happy in blogging. It shines thru in all of your posts. I can tell that you truly love the topics that you talk about & it’s contagious! I’ve learned firsthand what a commitment blogging is, so it’s SO important that you enjoy it. I LOVE The Casserole 🙂
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    • Cassie

      AW, thank you Ellice! I’m so glad I am getting to experience furball love! And I will definitely update you via text on the DRESS ;). Also thank you for the kind words about the blog! I try! I know you know the commitment it takes and it is no small feat! Xoxo!

  2. Danie

    Nothing like being a fur-mama! My guy, Duke, is a 1 year old blue heeler we got from an Amish farm when he was just 5 weeks old. He is a holy TERROR (I think last summer I went through 11 pairs of flip flops in a month because he had chewed them all). But he is also crazy smart- sometimes to the point where it will get him in trouble. And he will play fetch with a stick/ball/t shirt/tupperware container for HOURS. If we’re too doing something and can’t throw it, we stick it on the trampoline and he bounces it from underneath. Now that I’m pregnant, he likes to put his head on my belly. When the baby kicks or moves from underneath him, he freaks and it’s hilarious.