Tech Talk: How To Save Time With Buffer

newtechtalkhow to save time with buffer


Some of you may know what Buffer is, while others may not, so real quick I will run down what the application does. I personally think it is a real time saver, and it allows you to do multiple things, all on one platform!

As a FREE user, it allows you to connect your Facebook and Twitter to your Buffer account.  From there you can:

  • Create a posting schedule
  • Share your tweets at specific times daily
  • Check your analytics 
  • Download the Browser Extension
  • Share Other’s/Your Own Content


Step One:  Create A Posting Schedule

how to save time with buffer: buffer posting scheduleThis shows you that every day, my tweets will go out at these specific times.  All I need to do is create “content” in the content tab, and my tweets will be automatically scheduled for the times I have selected.  However, there is an option to SCHEDULE a tweet at a CUSTOM time, as you will see.

Step Two:  Create Content to Send

save time with buffer: create content

As you can see, you can add a photo if you’d like! And of course you can Add the tweet to your Queue, Share Next, Share Now, or Schedule with a custom time! 

Step Three: Check Your Analytics

save time with buffer: check analyticssave time with buffer: check analyticsHere you can see the data that Buffer shows you for EACH of your tweets.  From this you can decide what times are doing best, and receiving the most attention, and if you’d like, you can Re-Buffer a tweet, or you can change some of your scheduled times!

Step Four: Download the Browser Extension!

This is necessary to complete what I talk about in step five!  But the extension is available for Safari and Chrome!  download the browser extension

 Step Five: Share Other’s / Your Own Content 

In order to not look like a MACHINE on twitter who only selfpromotes, I like to share content from OTHERS.  For example:

Share Other's / Your Own ContentOnce installing the Browser Extension, any site I am on, I can automatically buffer it and share it.  So when browsing on Hannah’s blog, I can click my BUFFER button and share her post!  Wonderful, right?  I think so!

A Note:  There are other features of buffer such as “suggestions” and “feeds” but I do not typically use these items.  Also, for AWESOME users you can schedule more tweets and Facebook posts before you get cut off.  [$10 a month]  For me this is not necessary, but for someone who blogs full time, it may be a worthy investment.  

Oh! And Of course, Buffer has apps for both iOS and Android!  I schedule my posts a lot from mobile, and it is JUST as easy as using the website!  


Get Buffering! 

iOS | Android


  1. Hollie

    I have to admit, I normally use hootsuite to schedule my tweets, but I think I’ll give Buffer a go to see if I like it better! Plus I’m swayed by the fact that there’s an app too, the thought of scheduling tweets from my phone is so appealing!
    Hollie recently posted…Perfect Playlist #20My Profile

  2. Stormy

    Okay, this looks great! I use Tweetdeck a lot, and so that’s what I normally use to schedule tweets, but I hate doing it in Tweetdeck b/c it’s way too easy to set it for the wrong date or time. Definitely going to try Buffer!
    Stormy recently posted…Tuesday Tunes (3)My Profile