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Plan to Eat Review & Walkthrough: Meal Planning Made Easy

So you’re probably wondering, well, Cass, what on EARTH is Plan to Eat? Well! Plan to Eat is explained best by those who created it, so here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth!

Plan to Eat is an online meal planner app that allows you to add and organize recipes, drag those recipes onto a calendar to plan them, and our software automatically creates your shopping list based on your planned recipes. By providing tools that streamline the meal planning process we equip households to eat better food, eat together, save money at the grocery store, and have a less stressful cooking experience in the kitchen.” –The Plan to Eat Team

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Tech Talk: Battle of the Music Apps [Spotify vs. Apple]

newtechtalkTech Talk: Battle of the Music Apps [Spotify vs. Apple]

Hello, hello! Welcome to a SPECIAL EDITION Tech Talk: Battle of the Music Apps [Spotify vs. Apple] It has been over a month since Apple released their much anticipated “Spotify Killer.”  Within that month, I have tested it out, analyzed it, decided what I like, what I don’t, and compared it to my all time favorite app, Spotify.  Now of course, to each their own.  Each has its advantages, and disadvantages.  I will divulge all that information here, in a pro vs. con style review for each application.  I leave the decision to each of you.  Each service has a cost for these premium services [$10] and I hope that you try both out yourself before diving into either as a subscription service!

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Tech Talk: Audible; One Year Later


So, it has been a year and a half that I have consistently been using Audible.  I wrote about it a year ago when I fell in love, but I decided to bring you even MORE about Audible and why, all this time later, I love it even more! 

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Tech Talk: How To Save Time With Buffer

newtechtalkhow to save time with buffer


Some of you may know what Buffer is, while others may not, so real quick I will run down what the application does. I personally think it is a real time saver, and it allows you to do multiple things, all on one platform!

As a FREE user, it allows you to connect your Facebook and Twitter to your Buffer account.  From there you can:

  • Create a posting schedule
  • Share your tweets at specific times daily
  • Check your analytics 
  • Download the Browser Extension
  • Share Other’s/Your Own Content


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Tech Talk: Instagram Editing

newtechtalkToday we’re talking about a muchhhhhhh requested topic…

Instagram Editing

As an avid photo taker, and a lover of instagram, I have come to notice some things people either don’t do, or overdo, and I am here to try to guide you through making your IG edits, simple but pretty!

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Tech Talk: Evernote for Audiobooks

Tech Talk: Calendars 5 by Readdle


newtechtalkI am a PLANNER.  I have a paper planner, and a computer planner [standard iCal app on Macbook!] but for my iPhone I’m super picky.  I DESPISE the stock Calendar app so I opted for a different one. I have tried many but for me the absolute favorite is Calendars by Readdle.  You get many view options, predictive text, recurring event ability, a task tab, and a widget! To say the least, it is the BEST.  PLUS, my FAVE: COLOR CODING OPTIONS.  YUP.  Major plus!


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Tech Talk: Out of Milk App Tutorial / Review

newtechtalkToday we are going to delve into the app Out of Milk which is my FAVORITE Grocery List app/ deal finder! For the first time EVER I broke out the big kahuna to film this video, so you all better watch in HD! 

[See everything on my iPhone, here]
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Tech Talk: Cloud Storage


newtechtalkCan I tell you how excited I am about this feature??? As you know I LOVEEE me some technology.  I have done some posts on tech before, notably my Paperwhite post, Surface 2 Review, Android Phone and Why I’m not a Tablet Person posts.  THIS post is going to be about something that goes across ALL phone and tablet platforms, CLOUD STORAGE.

Of course, I have my personal preference and I WILL tell you what I use, but I am also going to go over all the popular options with you and share some experiences I have had. First Up… let me explain a bit about cloud storage and why I use it.

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