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Five Star Summer – The Best Books I Read

Best Summer Books

Let’s just get past the formalities– it’s been a long time, like a reallllly long time!  But, I am back! Maybe not multiple posts a week kinda back, but at least 1x a week. I miss blogging a ton, and I haven’t stopped reading at all! So I’m here today to share with you some of my FAVORITE books from the past four months!  Spoiler: They’re four and five star reads, but all fantastic.

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What’s In My Beach Bag? [& GIVEAWAY!]

What's In My Beach Bag? [& GIVEAWAY!]I am SO EXCITED about this post!  As many of you actually don’t know, I am YouTube obsessed.  I subscribe to over 60 channels, many being beauty/lifestyle gurus.  My favorite videos to watch?  What’s in my bag, and of course, what’s in my beach bag!  So, after watching 100’s over the last few years, I decided to do this post for you guys!  And, at the end, if you make it there, of course, there is a beach read giveaway!  SO, if you like free books, I suggest you scroll on down!

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