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Interview with GINA HOMOLKA of SkinnyTaste!


skinnytasteWhile I adore creating my own meals, I have a FEW favorite cookbooks, my go to this past year has been Gina’s cookbook, SkinnyTaste.  Not only is it SO GOOD, but it is truly gorgeous, and basically, a must have for any foodie that wants to eat healthy but have enjoyable, and most importantly, flavorful meals!  

And so, today [on my 30th birthday, woohoo!] I am lucky enough to have Gina here!  

Trust me, you need to head to her blog and check her out, she’s a genius with food!  ANYWAY, let’s get to the interview!  

Welcome, Gina!

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Dishing On: What You’ll See Here [& Giveaway]

Firstly, to everyone, WELCOME! I am so proud of this space that is NOW mine! I am going to be telling you today what you can expect to see here, and how to get around the blog!

First, to stay current, follow on: Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest. If you get through this WHOLE post, there’s a pretty epic giveaway at the bottom.

The Main Menu

If you click on –

foodmenutrial2ANY food posts [Cooking, Foodie February, Slow Cooker Sunday] will show up!


techmenuAll Tech Taks with links to video reviews will appear!


booksmenuAll reviews, audiobook reviews, Top Ten Tuesdays, etc. will populate.


aboutmenuExactly what you expect!


thedish2All prior discussion pieces, and in the future, my NEW discussion pieces TITLED The Dish.


contactmenuSelf explanatory, plus review policy for books, products, and applications.


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Keeping It Together: Organization 2015 & Giveaway

THIS post has been in the works for a while, but basically I am going to break down for you what I have been using to keep organized this year.  Granted, I was pretty good last year as well in regards to meals and such, but this year I needed to be better about blogging organization and life organization!  And SO, I invested a bit into some products I LOVE.

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