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Foodie February: Meal Planning 2.0

newfoodiefebPresents:meal planning 2.0

One Year Ago…

I thought I was TOTALLY awesome, had this DOWN and wrote a post about Meal Planning. I was about to move in with Jon, knew I had to cook 3-4 nights a week, and was trying to come up with a totally kickass system. I was feeling really, really confident in this and couldn’t find ANY flaws in my plan.  It was PERFECT.  

One Year Later…

I realize I only half knew what I was getting myself into.  I have a grocery store PROBLEM.  I have realized that the phrase life happens, is real, and I have come to terms that I had flaws in my first system.  But hey, now I have it pretty much, ironed out.  And this is not to say my first system wasn’t good, it was!  It was more that I didn’t have a grasp on how much MONEY what I was proposing, was going to cost.  You can’t cook steak every week Cassie, not when you choose filet mignon.  A few subtle changes, and some new organizational tools in tow, and I have this.  I know I do.  Until I create version 3.0.  Because I’m always nitpicking.  OF COURSE.

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Tech Talk: Out of Milk App Tutorial / Review

newtechtalkToday we are going to delve into the app Out of Milk which is my FAVORITE Grocery List app/ deal finder! For the first time EVER I broke out the big kahuna to film this video, so you all better watch in HD! 

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