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Six in 16: The Best Things I’ve Learned This Year

Six in 16: The Best Things I've Learned This Year

Ive been brainstorming a bit this weekend, and I was [as per usual] discussing some ideas with Hannah, of So Obsessed With.  We decided that we wanted to share the BEST things we’ve learned in 2016 with you! And then it ONLY seemed right to choose six.  So we bring you, Six In 16, The Best Things I’ve Learned This Year.  This year was one of the most important of my life, and most memorable as well.  And the kicker: it isn’t even over yet! So maybe in December you’ll see a top 12, but for now, I bring you the top six things I’ve learned in twenty sixteen!

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The Dish: On Planning A Wedding and Having A Life


The Dish: On Planning A Wedding and Having A Life

As many of you know, I am getting married in… t minus six weeks.  Jon and I had a relatively short engagement [since the trend seems to be taking people towards longer engagements].  Our total is 4 days less than 13 months.  It was a totally ample amount of time to plan a wedding, especially at the size we are having.  But let me tell ya… when its down to the last few months.  Shit gets real.  EVERYTHING piles up, and it’s all about the little things that you forgot about!

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Our Love Story: Cassie & Jon

Our Love Story: Cassie & JonEvery couple has a story.  Love stories are my favorite stories.  I love hearing how people met, how they fell in love, and how they came to be as a unit, a couple, a form of proof that life is better when you’ve met your match.  And so today, I will share mine and Jon’s story with you.  Here’s a HINT: it is nothing crazy!  But, it started with two mere strangers and ended with two people who depend on one another, appreciate each other, and love each other more than words can ever say.  And so, let’s hop to!

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Lost Love: Featuring AFTER I DO & The First Husband

I don’t think I can stress enough how excited I am for this post.  It features two NEW favorite adult contemporaries, it talks about love in a VERY different way, and its brings to surface two ABSOLUTELY AMAZING characters!  WIN, WIN, WIN.

lost love

So, we all love a good love story, right?  But what about what happens when the perfect love goes… south?  Or when it isn’t exactly what it had seemed before?  How many stories do we hear about that?  It seems to me, not many.  But MY OH MY, these two authors go that extra mile and display love, in all its messiness.  Nothing is perfect.  No love is immune to problems and issues.   Continue reading

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