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Six in 16: The Best Things I’ve Learned This Year

Six in 16: The Best Things I've Learned This Year

Ive been brainstorming a bit this weekend, and I was [as per usual] discussing some ideas with Hannah, of So Obsessed With.  We decided that we wanted to share the BEST things we’ve learned in 2016 with you! And then it ONLY seemed right to choose six.  So we bring you, Six In 16, The Best Things I’ve Learned This Year.  This year was one of the most important of my life, and most memorable as well.  And the kicker: it isn’t even over yet! So maybe in December you’ll see a top 12, but for now, I bring you the top six things I’ve learned in twenty sixteen!

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Summer Must Haves: The 2016 Edition

Summer Must Haves

This is one of my favorite type of posts to do! Last year I did a “What’s in My Beach Bag” but this year I’m switching it up and doing a SUMMER MUST HAVES post! This will go across all different types of fields, from books to beauty to fitness, fashion and food!  It’s gonna be FUN! Let’s get to it!


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