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A New Yorker With A Sweet Tooth


ALEXA POSTA New Yorker with a Sweet Tooth


Hello everyone! Alexa from Alexa Loves Books here. If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know this very important fact about me: I love dessert. I have a serious sweet tooth, and I definitely like indulging it! I’m really lucky to live in New York, because when it comes to dessert, there are so many different ones within reach. While I haven’t tried all of the New York desserts that I would like to sample, here are five of my current favorites!


IMG_4752Chocolate chip walnut cookies from Levain Bakery

Whenever my friends and family come to visit, I make it a point to encourage them to pay a visit to Levain Bakery. Why? Because they have the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had, even though there are technically walnuts in it and I shouldn’t be eating those because of my allergies. If you grab them fresh, they’re just the right level of chewy and sweet and warm. If you take them home, you can eat them straight out of the bag or heat them up to get the same effect. These are pretty large cookies so I usually share with someone else!




Cereal Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream from Milk

I’m obsessed with this soft serve. It’s seriously a favorite for me, mostly because I’m a diehard cereal and milk girl and to have that incorporated into a dessert is perfection. I love the blend of crunchy and smooth, and it tastes like milk and cereal, and I find that the combination just so happens to be utterly delightful. My only complaint is that I wish they served it in a larger size so I could have more whenever I go and visit them. (They might be doing this by now, and maybe I just don’t know? Let me know if you know.)





Macarons from Laduree

I do love macarons. They are the lightest of the desserts I’m mentioning here, which is both a terrific and terrible thing. Terrific, because I never feel like I’m overstuffed or that the sweetness is overdone. Terrible, because I can eat them one after another after another, if left to my own devices. While visiting Laduree only happens every so often for more because of the price point, the macarons are quite delicious! I’m always eager to have my favorites (usually the ones that are chocolate and vanilla flavored) and to try whatever new flavor they have whipped up.



Donuts from Doughdonut alexa

Notice how I didn’t pick a specific flavor of donut here. There’s a reason for that, and that’s because every donut I’ve tried from this place is quite delicious! I actually go out of my way to drop by the branch I’m closest to when I’m at work, and just have a donut, because donuts make everything better. I’ve tried quite a few of their flavors, and I’ve got to say – it’s usually a home run as long as there’s chocolate involved. Or just delicious donut dough, really. I love donuts.





IMG_5730Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity

Just like the cookies from Levain Bakery, I also consider this a staple for anyone playing tourists in my city. Yes, it’s definitely a tourist hotspot. Yes, it’s cheesy. And no, I don’t particularly love the rest of the menu more than I love any other place. But their frozen hot chocolate is delicious! It’s sweet and perfectly chilled, topped with copious amounts of whipped. It’s perfect for sharing. Or for drinking all on your own if you can’t stop yourself. I don’t have it as often as I used to, but I know that I can always rely on it to be amazing when I do go and get it.




I can’t believe I only listed five desserts in this post! There are so many more that I would love to talk about, and perhaps, if I’m so lucky, Cassie will invite me back next year and I can share more. Hope you enjoyed seeing all of my current favorite desserts! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these, or if you want to, or if there’s anything in New York that you’ve tried that you think I need to. Thanks for having me, Cassie! I’m about to go and hunt down something sweet to eat…


Working Girl Lunches: Part ONE



As part of being a meal planner, I love getting ALL my meals ready/ironed out for the week!  This doesn’t just include dinner, it most certainly includes breakfast, lunch and snacks as well!  Lunch is a meal that I find particularly hard for people.  Tons of people just go out, get lunch, which can mean unhealthy choices, and unnecessary spending!  these are two things I’m not a fan of, so I have some great lunch options for you today!

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Healthy Treats For Your Pooch!


PRESENTSdog treats

So today is my 31st birthday!  It is also ONE year to the day since we got Maggie, my first dog ever!  It has been an absolute blessing having her!  One of my favorite things to do is see what different healthy things I can give Maggie instead of typical dog treats!  Before I gave her any of this I did do my research to make sure there’s no known problems with any of these foods. Of course, before doing any of this consult your veterinarian.  However: my dog in particular has had no issues with any of the following foods.  Let’s get to the yummies! Continue reading

Food Around The World: Canada

fitFAVES with Jordin!: Smoothie Bar



fitFAVES with Jordin!: Smoothie Bar

As with every year, Foodie February grows! This year we added TWO new features, fitFAVES highlights all our favorite healthy choices!  Jordin has been kind enough to share her favorite new healthy love: SMOOTHIES! Without further ado, I hand it over to Jordin!

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IT IS TIME. It is the 3rd annual Foodie February Kickoff!

Okay, so today I am going to talk about healthy snacking with you.  Why, you ask? Because it ties PERFECTLY into the awesome giveaway we will be doing!  

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3rd Annual FOODIE FEBRUARY! [Your Help Needed!]

3rd Annual FOODIE FEBRUARY! [Your Help Needed!]I can NOT believe it will be the third year of Foodie February!!  I am SO excited to bring you guys the THIRD ANNUAL Foodie February!  I had SO MUCH fun doing this the last two years, and hope to bring you even more amazing, delicious posts this years! However, I need your help!  

Just like last year, we will have FOOD IN YOUR CITY, FOOD AROUND THE WORLD, FAVORED FAVORITES and NEW THIS YEAR! Special guest posts from YOU guys showcasing your favorite  FIT recipes and snacks!  [Fit Faves, and Fit Finds!] Are you game?  If you forgot, here are some examples of what we had last year, and you can sign up for whatever type of post you want to help with!  I greatly appreciate it OF COURSE and have tons of my own posts up my sleeve [PLUS two AMAZING giveaways!] February IS my birthday month after all, and I LOVE sharing with you guys!


How to Help:

  I know you all love food!  Here are the types of posts you can sign up for and I will feature as MANY as I can throughout all of February [and likely first week of March!] Below is a list of different types of posts..  And then there is a sign up form! I will email you with everything you need to send [its all easy, swear!] and then I will tell you when the post will be scheduled for! [Thanks in advance, you guys simply ROCK!]

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Food In Your City: Queens Part II!

newfoodiefebPresents:rp_food-in-your-city.pngQueens, NY Part II

Last year, I had Estelle on the blog chatting about Queens restaurants.  This year, she decided to do a part two of that post!  There is so much to do in ALL of New York, but Queens is an area that I do not know much about, DESPITE my whole family being from there, so I must say, it is awesome to have Estelle give me a look inside this lovely city! And now, I give you the wonderful, Estelle!

Three years in, I’m realizing just how much pride I have for my little Queens neighborhood. When Cassie let me know I was invited to participate in Foodie February, the first thought was to do a part two of my post from last year. I love any excuse to talk about Queens, apparently. So I hope you enjoy this little glimpse at the food spots I can’t stop recommending!

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Foodie February: Meal Planning 2.0

newfoodiefebPresents:meal planning 2.0

One Year Ago…

I thought I was TOTALLY awesome, had this DOWN and wrote a post about Meal Planning. I was about to move in with Jon, knew I had to cook 3-4 nights a week, and was trying to come up with a totally kickass system. I was feeling really, really confident in this and couldn’t find ANY flaws in my plan.  It was PERFECT.  

One Year Later…

I realize I only half knew what I was getting myself into.  I have a grocery store PROBLEM.  I have realized that the phrase life happens, is real, and I have come to terms that I had flaws in my first system.  But hey, now I have it pretty much, ironed out.  And this is not to say my first system wasn’t good, it was!  It was more that I didn’t have a grasp on how much MONEY what I was proposing, was going to cost.  You can’t cook steak every week Cassie, not when you choose filet mignon.  A few subtle changes, and some new organizational tools in tow, and I have this.  I know I do.  Until I create version 3.0.  Because I’m always nitpicking.  OF COURSE.

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Food In Your City: Nashville Restaurants


It is my ABSOLUTE pleasure to introduce Jess today. Not only has she included some FABULOUS places, but she resides in NASHVILLE.  Do you KNOW how obsessed I am with that city??? I may need to buy my plane ticket, right now!  Anyway, enough out of me, the floor is yours, Jess!

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