Plan to Eat Review & Walkthrough: Meal Planning Made Easy

So you’re probably wondering, well, Cass, what on EARTH is Plan to Eat? Well! Plan to Eat is explained best by those who created it, so here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth!

Plan to Eat is an online meal planner app that allows you to add and organize recipes, drag those recipes onto a calendar to plan them, and our software automatically creates your shopping list based on your planned recipes. By providing tools that streamline the meal planning process we equip households to eat better food, eat together, save money at the grocery store, and have a less stressful cooking experience in the kitchen.” –The Plan to Eat Team

The Pros

  • Beautiful interface on web
  • Recipe importer is flawless
  • Drag and drop functionality is SO simple!
  • Easily import meal plan to other calendar [I sync with Google/iCal]
  • Recipe blog/monthly themes have great choices [One Pot October for the win!]
  • Adjust serving sizes for leftovers/bigger families/individual servings
  • Multiple store lists incase you need multiple, add the Farmer’s Market and your fave store!
  • Cooking view is awesome and quite HELPFUL in the kitchen on both computer and phone/tablet!
  • The ability to edit recipes (remove/add/alter ingredients to your liking) is awesome
  • You can copy shopping list to text format OR excel spreadsheet!
  • Space for up to four meals plus notes per day

    The Cons

  • The App has only shopping list and recipes right now- and is only iOS 
  • Price is $4.95 per month or $39 a year (still affordable though)

The Nitty-Gritty

So, above you see a literal list of pros and cons about Plan to Eat.  But I’m going to basically tell you here who I truly believe that this tool is incredibly helpful for.  

    • If you are one to procrastinate meal planning, or are new to it, and LIKE trying new recipes OR know where to find your faves, this is for you.


    • If you have a LARGE OVERFLOWING LIST of recipes you want to try and condense to ONE place, this is for you.  Having all your recipes in the recipe area of Plan to Eat is SO convenient!  I don’t find myself scouring my favorites, or notes, or what have you to find “that recipe I saved”. I save EVERYTHING to plan to eat if I seriously am considering cooking it!


    • If you’re a category maniac, you’ll ADORE the tagging feature and ability to add different stores!


    • But mostly… IF meal planning scares the bejesus out of you because OMG where do I begin!? This makes it SO simple.  Find a recipe, plop it on the calendar, and MAGIC, the ingredients are on your shopping list.  


NO MORE writing your own list and wondering if you forgot something.  You’re sole responsibility now is to go through said created list and see if you have anything already so you don’t buy duplicates.  


Video Walk-Through

Check it out yourself! I filmed a video walk-through so you can see it in action!

Do you have any questions? I can help! Also, to those who are subscribers of my blog, I have a special treat, contact me RIGHT here for a special discount on your Plan to Eat membership!

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