Organization Favorites: The 2016 Edition [+discounts & giveaway]

The past year and a half, I’ve done quite a few posts on products I love to use for organization, whether it be meal planning, or life planning, I’ve gone through many products, and found some I LOVE!  This year, of course was no exception!


For much of this year, I was using my Lilly Pulitzer medium sized agenda.  I LOVE this thing because of its size, its gorgeous layout, and the cover design.  I have officially switched back to my Foxy Fix Traveler’s Notebook and couldn’t be happier! I’m finishing out July in the Lilly since my May Book starts in AUGUST! But luckily, toting both around isn’t a burden!  The May Book I’m using for my agenda is the Academic Weeks+Months, it is SO cute, and I LOVE the big size boxes for the month spread!  They of course have other variants you can choose from, but this works for me, plus it allows me space [in the weeks] for my meals/fitness/life happenings- as you can see – I put a LOT on a day!

I will admit, earlier this year I SPLURGED on a very expensive planner [Plus Street Prints] and couldn’t use it for more than a WEEK.  While its was absolutely BEAUTIFUL, the spaces were way, way, way too small.  Not feasible for me! So.. it’s a goner 🙁


Perhaps my favorite part of planning is my meal planning!  A lot of what I use here has remained the same for a while now! I put ALL my meals [that’s 5 per day!] in my agenda! I also love to use my Forest Feast shopping lists for my weekly  trips to Trader Joe’s! What you see here also is a new cookbook I got as a birthday gift this year [thanks, A! xo!] and also my Tone It Up 8 Week Nutrition plan!  We are RIGHT in the beginning of Round TWO of the Bikini Program, so this thing literally let’s me know what I should be eating, and houses the recipes as well!  You also see my favorite pencil pouch from Yellow Paper House, and of COURSE the Lilly planner again! There’s going to be another post on this soon, but I will tell you, SUNDAY SETUP is the KEY to making good meal choices ALL week long! 

AH, FITNESS.  For the last few months I have used one of the Tone It Up bikini journals, the layout is ADORABLE, and I loved pulling it out to keep track of everything!  BUT, since I’m back in my Foxy, I’m LOVING the Exercise & Nutrition Journal from May Books! It’s clean, easy, and has EVERYTHING I need with very roomy areas to write in! Highlyyyy recommend this one if you’re looking to hold yourself accountable for what you eat and how much water you’re drinking! PLUS there’s a place to record your workouts and notes!



Blogging is something that FOR ME, is very much about organization.  I can’t just throw together a post without having a very clear cut idea what I want to put into it!  So this year I got the May Designs, Weekly Agenda + Blush Graph.  Last year I did the same that I’m doing for my Life organization, but this year I’m going to try it this way.  So far it’s working great! I love the setup, and that I get graph paper for every week! PERFECTION! Plus, you should see the cover of this thing!  It’s BEAUTIFUL! In the video below its the abstract one by Britt Bass Turner, she’s SUPER talented and has a special collection with May Designs!

Foxy Fix Flip Through! 

The Foxy I have is the BUTTERSCOTCH Wanderlust.  [The size is Classic 7, which holds the May Books]  The leather is beautiful, supple, shows wear nicely, and has withstood a beating the past year going and out of my purse & it still looks great!


The AWESOME Deals!

May Designs has decided to be SUPER amazing and offer readers of THE CASSEROLE a discount until July 14th!  When you order at May Designs enter:


as your promo code, and receive 25% off your order!! WOOHOO! I actually ordered myself a  budget journal today using it! So exciting

AND! If you’re reading this on TUESDAY JUNE 28th, Jordan of THE FOXY FIX has informed me that they have a SITEWIDE sale going on! Everything is between 20 & 50% off! Get your cute little butts on over there and get a Foxy! It’s worth every penny! SO go on over to Foxy Fix

OK LAST bit of awesome!

May Designs is offering up a GIVEAWAY!  In the comments below all you have to do is tell me your FAVORITE May Design pattern that you’re totally lusting after, plus follow them over on Instagram/twitter, and you’re entered to win a free May Book that you design yourself!

May Designs 

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Foxy Fix

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  1. Jamie

    Girl you are SO damn organized! Please come to my house and teach me your ways of how to be organized in all facets of life. I have one calendar and sometimes I do really well utilizing it and then sometimes I fall off the bandwagon.

    • Jamie

      Girl you are SO damn organized! Please come to my house and teach me your ways of how to be organized in all facets of life. I have one calendar and sometimes I do really well utilizing it and then sometimes I fall off the bandwagon.

      ( My favorite is emily ley gold foil — the one with the cute pineapples)
      Jamie recently posted…10 Books On My Summer TBRMy Profile

  2. Lisa Schensted

    Yes organization!!! I use a ECLP, bullet journal, Foxy, and just got a Websters Color Crush! I loooove the Emily Ley designs with the May books! Thanks for the giveaway, love!!!

  3. Anna Gerlach

    I really like the new Shibori designs!

    And you are such an inspiration! I really need to get in shape. Lol

  4. Alexa S.

    I love seeing how other people stay organized! I’ve actually completely changed up my system and started bullet journaling – and I love it. It’s really helped me keep organized because all of my stuff is together in one notebook 😉