The Dish: What Being A Blogger Says About You


What Being A Blogger Says About You

On my way home the other night, I found my mind wandering [as per usual], and I was thinking about how much I’ve learned about myself from blogging.  But broader and more important than that, I was thinking about all the bloggers I know, admire, and have connected with in the past 4.5 years.  I think we all have some very distinct qualities because we are bloggers.  Maybe we had them before, and channeled them more with blogging, or maybe blogging really showcased these things for the first time.  Whatever way it is, I think all bloggers in some way, are all of these five things…


This one is probably the most obvious of the bunch.  But if you are a blogger of ANY kind, food, lifestyle, books, music, travel, what have you, you are creative.  You chose a design or template for your website, you made graphics, you came up with content, you came up with creative posts, ones that no one else has ever had! That is amazing.  Own it.  YOU ARE A CREATIVE.  Your mind works in ways others may not.  You find yourself jotting down post ideas, or blog redesign images! These things are not the norm, they are in you, and you have brought them to life more with your blogging!  That creative energy can likely branch off into many other things, I hope you explore it!


If you weren’t SO passionate about a select topic, you wouldn’t have been drawn over to the powers of the internet to create a place where you could talk so much about your interests.  Passion is something we, as bloggers definitely all have, and have had for at LEAST the life of our blogs, but likely long before!  To create something of such substance, where you endlessly talk about something you love, you must be a prettyyyy passionate person!  Are there other things you are  passionate about? Do you share those things on your blog as well? If not, perhaps you should! Your passions make you, you, and your readers would likely enjoy a look inside your other hobbies and interests!

Willing To Learn

We ALL know, you don’t just jump into the blogging game and know what the heck you’re doing right off the bat!  Learning a blogging platform takes TIME, energy, and dedication. In addition, learning the social media platforms, graphic programs, and of course, the community all require a LOT of learning!  This adventure isn’t easy, and can’t be handled by the weak minded, if you’re a blogger, you are definitely willing to learn, because, over the past how many years you’ve been blogging, you HAVE learned, and grown, a ton.


I think its safe to say you don’t have any commitment problems if you’re a blogger amiright!? No really, I’m kidding, but if you have been blogging for a long time you are probably aware that keeping a posting schedule, ideas on hand, and actually sitting down to write and edit posts requires a lot of commitment.  Sometimes we don’t have the time to blog, but eventually, we find time, and get the content pushed out to our readers!  We have all had blogging notebooks/calendars and the like, and they get USED, filled, and loved on hard!  Unless you’re doing this as a full time job, it is simply a labor of love, and that showcases how committed we are to what we created 🙂

Sociable & Courageous

I know first hand that a LOT of bloggers don’t consider themselves the most sociable people.  But I must disagree.  Maybe you don’t want to go chat up everyone at a party [hell, neither do I] but on a different level, you are sociable! You connect with your audience day in and day out.  Whether it is via email, social media, texts, comments, etc.  you have found a way to chat with your readers!  Taking that to another extent, you have perhaps befriended both readers and other bloggers alike! And WAIT, you may have REAL, LASTING friendships with people — all because you found the courage to blog.  All because you interacted with others.  

All because you are..

Creative.  Passionate.  Willing to Learn. Committed.  Courageous. 

You are a blogger.

You are more than you were before you started.  

And you’re nowhere near done yet 😉

Oh and just for fun I made this little graphic for you all!

What Being A Blogger Says About You


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