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Twitter: @casseroleblog

Instagram: @casseroleblog

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Goodreads: Cassie Taylor


Genres I Read:

Adult Fiction: contemporary, historical, fantasy, suspense, thriller

Young Adult Fiction: contemporary, historical, fantasy, light paranormal, romance, thriller, dystopian [rarely]

New Adult: contemporary [Colleen Hoover, Cora Carmack, VERY picky!]

Currently accepting review requests, I accept Kindle, print, and audiobook review copies.  Please send an email with book information, if I do not respond within 72 hours, please consider that a decline of the request.  Self Published are considered, but less frequently accepted due to a backlog of review copies.
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As a lover of foodfitness and technology, I will consider reviews that apply to my everyday life.  If you have an application, food product, or kitchen appliance you think would be a great fit, please let me know! I will reply within 48 hours and let you know if I will review the product/application.
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