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Surviving Your Whole30: Tips, Tricks & Recipes

Surviving Your Whole30: Tips, Tricks & Recipes

This past September, Jon and I did our SECOND round of Whole30. For those who don’t know the Whole30 is a program founded by Melissa Hartwig, and it basically entails 30 days of no added sugar, no legumes, no dairy, no soy, no alcohol and no grains. It is NOT easy, so don’t go into it thinking it will be.  But with a little preparation and mental stamina, you can do it!  The Whole30 has benefitted me in ways I didn’t know were possible. It taught me what my body truly thrives off of, and what it is a-okay without.  


I’m going to do my VERY best to walk you through the few things I wish I knew/had before starting. And here’s a great source for where to go to find out more about the program before diving in! Whole 30 Q&A, Whole 30 Recipes– also, I find it an absolute MUST to know, the founder is the most OPEN person ever, and she is always answering personal messages on her PERSONAL instagram account if you ever have any questions and can’t reach the designated Whole30 team! When doing a program so strict, I find this an absolute lifesaver if you have a question.

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TTT: Summer Reading List

  I love seasonal TBRs! Plus diner is definitely the season of reading more than normal for me!  

Summer Secrets , and The Summer of Good Intentions give me that contemporary friendship story. Except one has a mystery entwined! Fun!

YA is prevalent here and I’m totally doing a Nantucket Series reread especially since I’m visiting Nantucket in July! We also have Three Day Summer on the list which is about a summer music festival. COUNT ME IN. 

Of course my dear Huntley makes the list! Can’t wait to dive back into this world. And a contemporary that takes place in my home state? That’s The Summer After You and Me and I’m all about it!

Middle grade by a favorite author (The Forget Me Not Summer) with a cute cover is a definite for a quick fun read this year- plus early reviews say it’s delightful!

Lastly? My thrillers! Both sequels by previous favorites. Linda Castillo brings us number seven! And Stephen King gives me the sequel to last years blockbuster hit- Mr Mercedes!

The Dish: No Spend April





Last week, I talked to you guys about budgeting and why I think it is so important.  Towards the end of that post, I introduced #nospendapril.  No Spend April is something I decided to do on my own, but I then took it to twitter, and the response was overwhelmingly wonderful.  So now, I give you the how and why of #nospendapril!  I hope you will join me on this no spend adventure, as support and encouragement are so vital in doing something like this!

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Wild: Movie Review


I am quite pleased to bring you guys my FIRST EVER movie review!  Note: I OWN but have NOT read the book, Wild by Cheryl Strayed.  It is a nonfiction novel about a woman’s personal journey / 3 month long hike on the Pacific Crest Trail.

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The TBR Tag!

Tech Talk: Calendars 5 by Readdle


newtechtalkI am a PLANNER.  I have a paper planner, and a computer planner [standard iCal app on Macbook!] but for my iPhone I’m super picky.  I DESPISE the stock Calendar app so I opted for a different one. I have tried many but for me the absolute favorite is Calendars by Readdle.  You get many view options, predictive text, recurring event ability, a task tab, and a widget! To say the least, it is the BEST.  PLUS, my FAVE: COLOR CODING OPTIONS.  YUP.  Major plus!


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Your Guide To: A Not So Scary, BUT Thrilling October




Firstly, thanks to Hannah for this post idea, and also again to her, for participating and doing her own little section at the end of this post!  Today you get some thrillers/suspense/paranormal reads from both YA and Adult genres.  These are guaranteed to leave you a little bit frightened, but NOT scare the pants off you by any means!  They give you just a bit of the CREEPINESSS factor with ALL the Halloween read appeal! Continue reading

On Realizing I’m NOT a Tablet Person

Okay, so if you follow me on Twitter you likely know I just purchased a Macbook Air 13. You ALSO probably know that ten months ago I bought a Surface 2, and before that I had a Nook HD. Where are the previous two devices? Gone? What happened? ME. I HAPPENED. Let’s talk it out. Continue reading

Count Me As Thankful.

shareI don’t usually express MUCH emotion in this little corner of the world but after venturing over to Emily Ley‘s blog, [This after deciding to splurge a bit on her Simplified Planner]  I was feeling particularly emotional and though I’d share a bit more than normal.  So today I will share with you some things I’m thankful for.


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Summer Slimdown: Dinner Ideas, PROGRESS & apps!