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Top TWELVE Audiobooks to Make Your Work Day Fly By

Top TWELVE Audiobooks to Make Your Work Day Fly By

Hey all! I feel its been WAY too long since I did a Top Ten Tuesday Post! I am super excited about this audio based post though, and I am bringing you the top TWELVE audiobooks to make your work day go by super fast!

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Top Ten Authors I Discovered in 2015

Top Ten Authors I Discovered in 2015

This topic, Top Ten Authors I Discovered in 2015 is actually from a few weeks ago, but I made the graphics and never posted!  SO, let’s change that shall we? I discovered AMAZING authors this year and I am THRILLED that some are now forever favorites!

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Top Authors I’ve Read the Most Of

newtttTop Authors I’ve Read the Most From

[in order by book amount]


Top Authors I've Read the Most Of

  • In a little over a year, I have covered SAA’s entire backlist.  I have zero regrets, and am anxiously awaiting to get taken away by yet another wonderful, magical story.  

Top Authors I've Read the Most Of

  • This series ranks among my all time favorites, and I love the author on a personal level, as well.  I love getting to pick up a new installment in this series every July, it is the BEST! Amish Murder wins. Always.


  • Hoover writes some truly emotional works.  I always, always fall hard for her characters, and I have loved EVERY book of hers I’ve ever read.  #truth. [And I’ve read them all] My Fave: Hopeless


  • OMG.  I have SO many MORE of Diane Chamberlain’s books to read! I pick them up anytime I see them for a bargain! I read 3 this year and one last, and re-read my favorite [Necessary Lies] this year as well.  The woman just steals the show. She has MASTERED the multi-POV, and I love her, I can’t wait to read more! 


  • Oh Sophie!  I feel like she’s a staple for any woman!  Writing refreshing young characters with always messed up romantic situations, she adds a twist, her own flavor, and BOOM, hysterically adorable!  My faves are definitely I’ve Got Your Number and The Undomestic Goddess, but I’ve enjoyed them all quite a bit!


  • Tana French takes you ON crime investigations with her.  Do you know how much that appeals to me?  It is probably why I’ve devoured four of her novels in under a year.  I have two left, and I honestly don’t want to read them because then I’ll have to wait for a new release! My favorite is definitely Faithful Place, but The Secret Place ranks SUPER high as well.


  • Oh holy Warner. I think the Shatter Me series was my first ADULT series crush other than The Hunger Games.  I can still rave over the writing, the plot development, yes! Total series crush.  And probably the only time I read novellas in a series, EVER.  So Tahereh, you win.


  • We shall call Hilderbrand the NEW addition! While I have LOVED two, liked one and DISLIKED another, I still really like Hilderbrand as a whole.  No regrets, yo.

I had more for this list, but there were too many authors with the same amount so I cut it here!  These authors easily rank among my favorites!  I hope you have checked some out!  

TTT: Summer Reading List

  I love seasonal TBRs! Plus diner is definitely the season of reading more than normal for me!  

Summer Secrets , and The Summer of Good Intentions give me that contemporary friendship story. Except one has a mystery entwined! Fun!

YA is prevalent here and I’m totally doing a Nantucket Series reread especially since I’m visiting Nantucket in July! We also have Three Day Summer on the list which is about a summer music festival. COUNT ME IN. 

Of course my dear Huntley makes the list! Can’t wait to dive back into this world. And a contemporary that takes place in my home state? That’s The Summer After You and Me and I’m all about it!

Middle grade by a favorite author (The Forget Me Not Summer) with a cute cover is a definite for a quick fun read this year- plus early reviews say it’s delightful!

Lastly? My thrillers! Both sequels by previous favorites. Linda Castillo brings us number seven! And Stephen King gives me the sequel to last years blockbuster hit- Mr Mercedes!

TTT: Favorite Authors Ever


Ah! It is time again to let you know some of my favorite bookish things!  This week was a DOOSY.  Top ten favorite authors.. ever?  WOW.  I struggled.  BUT I DID IT.  I had to make lists and cut them down, but I got it to TEN.  I did it.  I need a cookie now.  

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Top Books on My Spring Reading List

TTT: Top Favorite Books of the Past 3 Years

newtttThis week the top was IMPOSSIBLE.  I had to actually choose ten favorite books from the past three years.  Do you know how hard that was?  I can’t even begin to explain!  Because I am cheating, I am including three honorable mentions.  ūüėČ  I had to.

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These Cookbooks Need to be On My Shelf

Liza Palmer Party: The Invite

TTT: Top Books I Was Skeptical About & Loved

This week: Top Books I was Skeptical About & Loved!





1. Daughter of Smoke & Bone РHigh fantasy, magical creatures? Angels, demons? Skeptical, yes.  But oh, how I LOVED it, immensely.

2. ¬†The Help– SO MANY amazing reviews I just didn’t want to be the oddball! But OMG this is one of the best books ever, ever written.

3.  The Weight of BloodРMurder in small town.  Right up my alley, but more literary than not.  Nonetheless, read like a dream and I savored every moment.

4.  The Dirty LifeР The content seemed perfect for me [food & farming] but non-fiction is still tricky for me. But, this was PERFECTION, and made me reconsider some of my life choices in regards to food.

5.  A Discovery of WitchesР A somewhat paranormal adult series.  Talk about terrifying.  But this series is so amazing, and so full of depth and characters that I adore, Deborah Harkness slays me.

6.  Pride & PrejudiceРA classic.  A classic AUSTEN.  HAHAHAHA.  Pleasantly surprising is putting it mildly.  The characters, the time, I fell right into step with this beloved novel.

7.  Clockwork AngelРAgain, this kinda steampunk-esque series was a bit of a reach for me but it remains one of my most favorite series ever.  AND OH- WILL HERONDALE.. Thanks!

8. ¬†Holier Than Thou– ¬†Not so much that I didn’t want to read this, but more like I was scared it wouldn’t match up to her first, Love & Other Perishable Items.

9.  Lost LakeР When I read this, it was practically forced on me by Hannah, [all SAA really] and magical realism was a foreign concept to me.  However, I now LOVE IT and SEEK THEM OUT all the time. 

10. ¬†Burial Rites– ¬†I read this novel in basically one sitting. ¬†But, historical fiction was ENTIRELY new to me at that point. ¬†Let’s just say, I never looked back.