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The Best of 2015

WOW.  It is the end of an absolutely amazing year!  I can not BELIEVE how fast 2015 flew by!  It was the year of truly great things happening for me, and my family and friends!  I got engaged, and got Maggie! My best friend has a baby on the way! One of my closest friends that I met from BLOGGING also has a baby on the way!  The good news kept coming, and I loved 2015 for that very reason!  But it was ALSO a great year in books, in tech, and in food and fitness! I have carefully chosen some of my absolute favorites from the YEAR to showcase for you today!  I hope you enjoy them! 

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September Specialties: A Month in Favorites

WOW, September has come and gone! I can not believe we are now in the HEART of fall!  September gave me some really awesome memories, and some awesome prodcuts/apps,  so let’s lead off with that!

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Joys of June: A Month in Favorites

Joys of June: A Month in Favorites

Ahh, June, where on EARTH did you go?  I listened to six audio books, and read one.  It was pretty awesome, I will confess! I got a lot accomplished Wedding wise, and started a new feature!  AND, another new one is coming this month!  So exciting!

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April Adventures/Moments of May

april adventures and moments of may

So basically, I had an insane last two months, and did not get to do my favorites for April! I didn’t want to skip them [my favorite day ever was in April!] and so I decided to bring you guys a two month edition! Hope you don’t mind my excessive fingerling over tons of different things!

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March Must Haves: A Month in Favorites

march must haves

March was a whirlwind month for me!  It was in and out before I could even blink my eyes!  Unfortunately, we still had snow [thanks, Jersey!] but we were blessed with a few nice days! Hopefully April brings REAL Spring weather!  Anyway, it did kick butt for lots of stuff, these were my March Must Haves!!

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February Favorites: Monthly Favorites


Feburary Favorites: Monthly FavoritesA Month In Favorites

February is always bitter cold, filled with snow days, and generally.. not that exciting.  Other than my birthday, of course!  But, this February I stocked up on some awesome organizational tools, read AMAZING books, and got a puppy.  So… I think it was pretty awesome.

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January’s Gems: Monthly Favorites

monthly favoritesA Month In Favorites

January was a pretty insane month.  I all at once, decided to shut down Books With Cass, and create The Casserole, designed the blog, got [at the time] a week’s worth of posts ready, and still managed to read, listen to audiobooks, cook, shop, and spend some times with friends and family!

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December Delights: Best of the Month!

december delightsWe are back!  Yes! I stuck with this monthly favorites post, mostly because it was SO fun to compile the first time around! November Novelties was the first, and December Delights is the second… do we think January will get one too? HMMMM.. only time will tell!

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November’s Novelties: The Best of The Month

november novelties

So – this is new, right? I needed a way to show you my favorite things this month because there were a LOT. Let’s just start with this, I’m sure this isnt gonna happen every month but I will do my best to make it happen [with a different name for each month obviously].   Continue reading

Moments of May: A Look Back on the Month!