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Plan to Eat Review & Walkthrough: Meal Planning Made Easy

So you’re probably wondering, well, Cass, what on EARTH is Plan to Eat? Well! Plan to Eat is explained best by those who created it, so here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth!

Plan to Eat is an online meal planner app that allows you to add and organize recipes, drag those recipes onto a calendar to plan them, and our software automatically creates your shopping list based on your planned recipes. By providing tools that streamline the meal planning process we equip households to eat better food, eat together, save money at the grocery store, and have a less stressful cooking experience in the kitchen.” –The Plan to Eat Team

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Diets Don’t Work. Lifestyles Do.

diets dont work lifestyles do

In my almost four years of transforming my health and fitness, I have gone through many things. I began with calorie counting, and then swearing off all junk food, and not eating carbs.  It did not take long for me to realize, NONE of that worked.  In fact, it all made me feel terrible, and sometimes just defeated and sad most days. So let me say this..

Diets Don’t Work.  Lifestyles Do.

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My Biggest Move Yet: Becoming a #girlboss

Becoming a #girlboss


So this post has been on my mind and heart for a long time now.  But to say the least, it has been a busy few months.  I have been posting over on my personal and now business instagram about this venture for a little while now, but its time to explain why I chose to do it, and why now.

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FitBITES: Cast Iron Tomato Basil Chicken with Quinoa


FitBITES: Cast Iron Tomato Basil Chicken with Quinoa

Cast Iron Tomato Basil Chicken with Quinoa

I simply ADORE basil, and it is basil season right now! I had to find a way to incorporate this into mine and Jon’s dinner routine, but all the while keeping it healthy! This Cast Iron Tomato Basil Chicken with Quinoa is a winner! It is the type of meal to fill your kitchen with delicious scents, and your belly with a satisfying meal!

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FitTALK: Motivation

FitTALK: Motivation

Laddddies! It is SUMMER! Like, the height of summer!  You know what that means! BBQs, camping trips, vacations, mountain/lake/beach excursions it is the season of the swimsuit! AND the sundress! And at least for me, that means I want to up my workout and healthy eating game, and look good!  BUT, it is not just about the Summer Season it is about feeling good, no matter what time of year it is! Today I wanted to talk to you a bit about something that we all struggle with from time to time.. This is FitTalk: Motivation!

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Summer Must Haves: The 2016 Edition

Summer Must Haves

This is one of my favorite type of posts to do! Last year I did a “What’s in My Beach Bag” but this year I’m switching it up and doing a SUMMER MUST HAVES post! This will go across all different types of fields, from books to beauty to fitness, fashion and food!  It’s gonna be FUN! Let’s get to it!


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FitBITES: Quinoa Turkey Burrito Bowls

We are all coming off a holiday weekend, maybe we indulged a bit too much! It’s time to add a meal to our dinner menu we can feel good about! Let’s get this delicious and HEALTHY dinner on the table! Of course, use only a little cheese 😉

FitBITES: Quinoa Turkey Burrito Bowls

FitBITES: Quinoa Turkey Burrito Bowls

Is there ANYTHING better than a delicious meal?  YES! There’s a healthy delicious meal that’s ready in under thirty minutes! These healthified and #tiuapproved burrito bowls are AMAZING, quick and easy!  Today I’m sharing with you the secret to making better TACO TUESDAY choices, and it starts with these FitBITES Quinoa Turkey Burrito Bowls!

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Organization Favorites: The 2016 Edition [+discounts & giveaway]

The past year and a half, I’ve done quite a few posts on products I love to use for organization, whether it be meal planning, or life planning, I’ve gone through many products, and found some I LOVE!  This year, of course was no exception!

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A New Yorker With A Sweet Tooth


ALEXA POSTA New Yorker with a Sweet Tooth


Hello everyone! Alexa from Alexa Loves Books here. If you’ve known me for a while, you’ll know this very important fact about me: I love dessert. I have a serious sweet tooth, and I definitely like indulging it! I’m really lucky to live in New York, because when it comes to dessert, there are so many different ones within reach. While I haven’t tried all of the New York desserts that I would like to sample, here are five of my current favorites!


IMG_4752Chocolate chip walnut cookies from Levain Bakery

Whenever my friends and family come to visit, I make it a point to encourage them to pay a visit to Levain Bakery. Why? Because they have the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had, even though there are technically walnuts in it and I shouldn’t be eating those because of my allergies. If you grab them fresh, they’re just the right level of chewy and sweet and warm. If you take them home, you can eat them straight out of the bag or heat them up to get the same effect. These are pretty large cookies so I usually share with someone else!




Cereal Milk Soft Serve Ice Cream from Milk

I’m obsessed with this soft serve. It’s seriously a favorite for me, mostly because I’m a diehard cereal and milk girl and to have that incorporated into a dessert is perfection. I love the blend of crunchy and smooth, and it tastes like milk and cereal, and I find that the combination just so happens to be utterly delightful. My only complaint is that I wish they served it in a larger size so I could have more whenever I go and visit them. (They might be doing this by now, and maybe I just don’t know? Let me know if you know.)





Macarons from Laduree

I do love macarons. They are the lightest of the desserts I’m mentioning here, which is both a terrific and terrible thing. Terrific, because I never feel like I’m overstuffed or that the sweetness is overdone. Terrible, because I can eat them one after another after another, if left to my own devices. While visiting Laduree only happens every so often for more because of the price point, the macarons are quite delicious! I’m always eager to have my favorites (usually the ones that are chocolate and vanilla flavored) and to try whatever new flavor they have whipped up.



Donuts from Doughdonut alexa

Notice how I didn’t pick a specific flavor of donut here. There’s a reason for that, and that’s because every donut I’ve tried from this place is quite delicious! I actually go out of my way to drop by the branch I’m closest to when I’m at work, and just have a donut, because donuts make everything better. I’ve tried quite a few of their flavors, and I’ve got to say – it’s usually a home run as long as there’s chocolate involved. Or just delicious donut dough, really. I love donuts.





IMG_5730Frozen Hot Chocolate from Serendipity

Just like the cookies from Levain Bakery, I also consider this a staple for anyone playing tourists in my city. Yes, it’s definitely a tourist hotspot. Yes, it’s cheesy. And no, I don’t particularly love the rest of the menu more than I love any other place. But their frozen hot chocolate is delicious! It’s sweet and perfectly chilled, topped with copious amounts of whipped. It’s perfect for sharing. Or for drinking all on your own if you can’t stop yourself. I don’t have it as often as I used to, but I know that I can always rely on it to be amazing when I do go and get it.




I can’t believe I only listed five desserts in this post! There are so many more that I would love to talk about, and perhaps, if I’m so lucky, Cassie will invite me back next year and I can share more. Hope you enjoyed seeing all of my current favorite desserts! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these, or if you want to, or if there’s anything in New York that you’ve tried that you think I need to. Thanks for having me, Cassie! I’m about to go and hunt down something sweet to eat…


Working Girl Lunches: Part ONE



As part of being a meal planner, I love getting ALL my meals ready/ironed out for the week!  This doesn’t just include dinner, it most certainly includes breakfast, lunch and snacks as well!  Lunch is a meal that I find particularly hard for people.  Tons of people just go out, get lunch, which can mean unhealthy choices, and unnecessary spending!  these are two things I’m not a fan of, so I have some great lunch options for you today!

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