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Surviving Your Whole30: Tips, Tricks & Recipes

Surviving Your Whole30: Tips, Tricks & Recipes

This past September, Jon and I did our SECOND round of Whole30. For those who don’t know the Whole30 is a program founded by Melissa Hartwig, and it basically entails 30 days of no added sugar, no legumes, no dairy, no soy, no alcohol and no grains. It is NOT easy, so don’t go into it thinking it will be.  But with a little preparation and mental stamina, you can do it!  The Whole30 has benefitted me in ways I didn’t know were possible. It taught me what my body truly thrives off of, and what it is a-okay without.  


I’m going to do my VERY best to walk you through the few things I wish I knew/had before starting. And here’s a great source for where to go to find out more about the program before diving in! Whole 30 Q&A, Whole 30 Recipes– also, I find it an absolute MUST to know, the founder is the most OPEN person ever, and she is always answering personal messages on her PERSONAL instagram account if you ever have any questions and can’t reach the designated Whole30 team! When doing a program so strict, I find this an absolute lifesaver if you have a question.

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Cooking With: Rachel of Hello, Chelly!

cooking with rachel of helly chelly

I love that in this community, I have found others who have common interests!  Enter, Rachel who is a food lover, and cooking fan!  Her plating is always AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS and I envy her!  I simply had to have her on the blog to share one of her insanely delicious recipes!  So without further ado let us get to Cooking with Rachel of Hello, Chelly! …

Here’s Rachel!

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Serving Up: Lentil Soup!

servinguplentil soup

I personally LOVE soup.  It doesn’t have to be cold out for me to want it, but when it is? I am ALL UP ON IT.  I grew up loving certain soups, and lentil is one of my absolute tops!  I have literally, never made it myself though!  So, I gave it a go.  I wasn’t even sure I was going to end up sharing this one, because it obviously could have come out awful! But alas, it did not! This lentil soup was thick, chock full of veggies, and so good!  I loved it!  The recipe is totally a keeper! So, I hope you LOVE this lentil soup, too!

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Serving Up: Pasta Primavera!

servingupPasta Primavera

Is there anything better than a good pasta dish? In my head, definitely not.  But add in some veggies?  And a light cream sauce? Yeah, I am THERE.  Lucky for me, so is my boyfriend, so it works out beautifully ;).  Today we’re making this Pasta Primavera that you can essentially change up according to your liking.  I will share my version, but whatever vegetables you want to add, you can add to the recipe and create your own version!  

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Foodie February: Pantry Staples

newfoodiefebPresents:pantry staples

Welcome, welcome!  Today we are going to discuss something that I feel can help make for more efficient cooking and meal planning!  Having those specific items in your pantry!  Pantry staples [for me!] range from oils and wines, to beans and peas, to sauces and of COURSE, seasonings!  Having each of these things can help you create meals on a whim, and easily plan for the week ahead!

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Simple Skillets: Turkey Tacos


This is going to be a new series on the blog!  It is simple, healthier recipes that anyone can handle!  Let’s get ready, this one is ULTRA simple and all you need is 6 ingredients! So let’s start it off with a nice easy Turkey Taco Recipe!

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Serving Up: Tomato Basil Quinoa Pasta with Turkey Sausage!


Today is a super fun, easy pasta that is jam packed with good for you food! [Turkey sausage! Quinoa Pasta! Arugula! Tomatoes!] Admittedly, I accidentally took out regular hot sausage instead of turkey this time around, but it was just as good.  I served this over a bed of arugula and it was absolutely perfect! [And a fun way to sneak in some greens!] So I hope you enjoy this Tomato Basil Pasta with Turkey Sausage!

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Serving Up: Healthy Vegetable Soup with Tortellini


Every now and then you want something good for you but delicious and filling.  It is WINTER, so what is more perfect than soup?  I can’t think of much! So, that being said; let’s get started!  This Healthy Vegetable Soup with tortellini is hearty, filling, and generally speaking, NOT bad for you!  The tortellini is optional of course, but it does make it more filling and give an extra YUM factor! 

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Cooking With Cassie: Red Pack Sauce w/Pasta!


 Today, we bring some EASY options to the table!

cooking with cassie
I haven’t done this in FAR too long, and I’m SO excited to bring you this simple, EASY recipe!  Special thanks to all the varieties of Red Pack sauce for existing and me for being SUPER creative while naming this.  😉

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#SummerSlimdown: Get Fit With Me!

Get Fit with me just in time for bathing suit season!

summerslimdownListen. I used to be the laziest person ever. Seriously. On a personal note when I went to Miami back in April I was unhappy with what I saw. (that’s a personal matter please don’t tell me I should be pleased.) Anyway, so when I got home I vowed to start eating healthier. And I realized that because of that decision I was going to try my best to buy organic foods and foods from my local farmers market. I’ve made some pretty great healthy dishes which I’ll share over the next few months. Continue reading