Blind Date With A Book: Fall Edition

Blind Date With A Book: Fall Edition

This is an all new feature that I am up to my EARS in excitement about!  Obviously, this is not my OWN creative idea [though I wish it were!] Blind Date with A Book has been featured at libraries and bookstores across the United States!  Upon listening to What Should I Read Next [Modern Mrs. Darcy‘s podcast] I was reminded of this great idea, and decided to bring it to life in blog post format!  

So here’s how this will work!  I will bring you THREE selections, each with four descriptive words and when you CLICK the image it will bring you to the Goodread/Amazon/Audible link to see if you like what you’ve chosen!  Granted, with this idea in blog post format, you’re not locked into anything, but I assure you, I have rated NONE of these books less than four stars, so they all come highly recommended by me!

Option One: The TearJerkerblind-date-three

More Lovely Attributes:

While I definitely cried during this one, I loved how it dealt with a relatively common societal issue and made it human, relatable, and intriguing.  I recommend it for fans of: JoJo Moyes, Amy Hatvany, Katherine Center

Option Two: The October Read


More Lovely Attributes:

One of my favorite reads of 2015!  This is suspense novel but it is NOT gruesome.  It is wonferfully crafted, and does its part to throw you off numerous time  I recommend it for fans of: Diane Chamberlain, Karin Slaughter, Julia Heaberlin

Option Three: The Escapeblind-date-two

More Lovely Attributes:

This author is a favorite of mine [that may be a giveaway, oh well!] and this series is one I love to escape from reality.  This book allows you to transport yourself to an “island” and get lost in one families veryyyy dramaful holiday season!   I recommend it for fans of: Laura Dave, Allie Larkin, Fannie Flagg

That about wraps up this first edition of Blind Date With A Book! If you click and read any of these books, let me know! I can’t WAIT to find out what you picked up!!


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