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Best Summer Books

Let’s just get past the formalities– it’s been a long time, like a reallllly long time!  But, I am back! Maybe not multiple posts a week kinda back, but at least 1x a week. I miss blogging a ton, and I haven’t stopped reading at all! So I’m here today to share with you some of my FAVORITE books from the past four months!  Spoiler: They’re four and five star reads, but all fantastic.

 While I didn’t love this as much as Miranda’s adult debut, All the Missing Girls, I still found myself turning the pages waiting for the story to unravel.  In typical Megan Miranda fashion, I found myself hating the characters and feeling bad for next to no one.  But yet, she still left me NEEDING to know where this mysterious roommate had gone to.  All in all, I gave this one a 4/5 over on Goodreads, but that would prevent me from telling any suspense junkie to pick this one up, ASAP!






Ah, The Identicals.  Okay, so I have to count but I’m rather certain I’ve read close to a dozen of Hilderbrand’s novels at this point.  This EASILY hits top three.  I LOVE her Winter Street series, and I have a few others I adore. However, this one just felt so rich in setting and so wonderfully crafted.  You’ve got two sisters who grew up on competing islands, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket, and their lives have been separate for as long as they can remember.  But when something happens, they have to deal with each other, their families, and the lives they have created.  This one was AMAZING.  Just run, don’t walk, to read it.  And if it’s your first by this lovely lady, I say go for it!





We all have a favorite series, yes?  This is mine.  I own them all.  I WAIT AND WAIT for the release every summer, and when there’s an advanced copy available? I won’t even read it.  It is TRADITION to read these babies on release day.  This year, no exception.  Linda Castillo has a gift for writing this small Amish town, their people, their mysteries, secrets, and lies, and the people who protect them.  She has YET to let me down, and in fact, her stories about Kate Burkholder and her squad just keep getting better.  If you’re into murder mysteries, check this series out!  And a BONUS?! I was in my local B&N and this bad boy LITERALLY had three shelves to itself on a display.  I was literally proud.  Explore Painters Mill, and see what the fuss is about, in Down a Dark Road.  





Keepin things light with a Cape Cod Setting, Miss Jamie Brenner takes us on a journey with a dash of family mystery, a whole lot of tension, and a journey about understanding where you came from, and how it can, and also can not, make you who you are.  Marin is not a fan of having her life blown up, but it is what has happened.  SO why not a trip to visit a secret grandmother you never knew about on the Cape with your sister?  That is how we roll into this novel, and the punches keep comin’.  I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful heartfelt novel, and for ANYONE, in ANY SEASON, recommend giving it a go! 





The Shining Star of Summer

IF I’m being honest…

I hated the first Joshilyn Jackson book I ever read.  But then I gave her another chance.  And I enjoyed that one [The Opposite of Everyone] but when Hannah came to me and said, Cassie read this now, I knew it was serious.  And let’s just say, when you come in with a five star read, after having me hate the first novel I read by you? THAT. IS. IMPRESSIVE.  The Almost Sisters takes us to the deep south, with one of my favorite main characters ever, Miss Leia Birch Briggs, the granddaughter of Birchie, whom is perhaps losing her mind just a little bit.  When Leia gets to her grandmother’s beloved home, she comes to see that there’s a LOT going on she hasn’t been privy too.  But to top it off, Leia came to town with an agenda, and that agenda was going to upset a lot of people.  With a lot of family drama, a dash of romance, and a whole lot of Southern Atmosphere, The Almost Sisters is a TRUE winner, and one I literally purchased the hardcover of the SECOND I finished the audiobook.  A winner, indeed. 

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