2015 Organization Update: What I’m Using Now

2015 Organization Update: What I'm Using Now

So I started off the year getting organized in a big way!  I was determined to keep it together, with blogging, with life, with fitness, and with normal everyday planning.  I had LOTS of tools I was using, and I loved them!  Now that we are half way through the year, let’s examine how they worked out, what’s changed, and why!

life headerWas Using: Emily Ley Simplified Planner /
Now Using – Foxy Fix Wanderlust

I LOVE Emily Ley.  I think she is absolutely fantastic!  However, what I realized early on, was that I needed something more portable.  Having to tote around my planner separately was not for me.  Now that being said, Emily has NOW made her planners more portable!  However, I already switched my system, and I have been loving it!  Thanks to Hannah, I purchased not one but TWO Foxy Fix notebooks since March.  I am OBSESSED with my Wanderlust in the Wide Size, in the color butterscotch.  Of course, this is not a planner in and of itself, you have to get an insert that supplies the planner portion!  I have used: Yellow Paper House Weekly / Homemade Kraft Garden Fairy.  I like and dislike things about both.  I love the Homemade Kraft Design, it is simply adorable!  The colors, the outline, I love it all.  But I don’t like the lack of a month view!  For YPH, I LOVE that I get the month view, but the rest feels kinda bland.  I think after September I will be switching back to my Homemade Kraft insert for weekly life planning, and using the bottom portion for something else. [I’ll share that below!]

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 6.42.36 PM
Homemade Kraft Undated Weekly Insert

Yellow Paper House Quarterly Insert
Yellow Paper House Quarterly Insert 

blog headerWas Using: Ashley Brooke Notebook / To Do List  
Now Using: May Designs Planner and Blank Notebook

This changes was actually due to the fact that I became MORE organized in regards to blogging.  I LOVE that my May Designs planner has monthly overviews so I can see what is coming up on the blog.  And behind that, are dot grid pages where I plan out specific posts! This has proven to be very helpful for me, and I love it!  I ALSO have a Lined May Book for monthly blog ideas, and a running list of items/books/apps to review!

May Book
May Book Lined Kraft Insert

May Book Monthly Planner
May Book Monthly Planner
meals header

Was Using: Emily Ley Meal Plan Notepad
Now Using: Forest Feast Meal Plan Notepad

So essentially, this is a matter of stylistic preference.  The idea is still the same, but I fell hard for the Forest Feast Meal Planning design!  I also laminated one of these, in addition to the shopping list, and that way I can just take a wet napkin to it, and use it over and over when using my Wet Erase markers! In regards to what cookbooks I use, it remains mostly the same, or creating my own recipes!  Also, Tone it Up has great recipes as well as, Food Faith Fitness, Skinny Kitchen, and Betsy Life.  Estelle is the BEST at sharing recipes she’s loved, so I definitely rely on her for that!  Forest Feast Meal Plan Notepad

Forest Feast Shopping List
Forest Feast Shopping List

Fitness & Exercise

Fitness remains something I am trying really hard to care about.  Okay, never mind, I do care! SUPER amounts, but I am now trying to LOG my fitness schedule/ versus what actually gets done, to see if it helps hold me more accountable.  For now, I am keeping it in my head, but starting next week I will be using the bottom section [where I used to jot meals in my Homemade Kraft Insert] to log fitness activity!  I think [hope!] it will work out, but I also have something else in the works to use in an old blank notebook I have, if I can incorporate my lettering into it!  

What Else Has Changed?

  • I am now in love with the Pilot G2 Pens.
  • I love using the Google Calendar App 
  • Pinterest has become my addiction for healthy breakfast ideas.


Other Planners to Consider:


All in all, that is it!  Tell me what you are using currently to stay organized!



  1. Alexa S.

    Seriously, investing in a FoxyDori was probably the best decision I’ve made all year! I love that I can change it up according to what I currently feel I need most in it, and it’s been a convenient and cute way to carry all the stuff I normally have – notebooks and calendar and office things.
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